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a terrific wednesday. >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> strength ahead, there's no rest from this winter. another day of digging out and fight frustrations. good morning, washington., i am scott >> great to have you. i am pamela brown. alison starling has the day off. first, meteorologist adam caskey. what is on tap today? >> pleasant today, sunshine, mild temperatures generally. average.grees above an acto we are above freezing in some locations. 36 at reagan national, 34 at dulles airport, 31 in hagerstown. 24 at lexington park. 24 in fredericksburg. sunshine today, temperatures rising to limit for's in the metro area. and the west wind at 5-10. clouds will increase tonight or increasing clouds tomorrow, remaining milds in the mid 40's. mid to upper 50's by saturday. back to you. >> thank you. >>> our top story, lingering travel troubles. four days removed from christmas a, but the holiday travel nightmare is far from over. hundreds of people stuck at local airports. the problem could last for several more days. >> reagan national airport wa
treaty. >> breaking news tonight from the washington wizards. the team has announced that they are trading gilbert arenas. >> never a dull moment. it was clear last season that era inbert a readirenas washington was ending. now it is official. deleaded the washington wizards to the playoffs for the first time -- he led the washington wizards to the playoffs for the first time in a decade. this year, fresh off a 50 game suspension, he faked an injury to get out of playing. the new player will bring of veteran presence to the wizards, even though he is averaging the lowest point total of his career. gilbert says he is not fazed by his troubles. >> lots of changes this week. you have more on that and some other stories coming up later. in other news tonight, police are searching for the driver who struck and killed a teenager. it happened this morning, and we are live there tonight. >> and 18-year-old young man was struck and killed on the street behind me. you can see how dark it is here, even though there are street lights. authorities do not have a lot of information
durante las celebraciones de fin de aÑo. en washington, maria rosa lucchini, univision" per que fue encontrada muerta unbañera de un ante hotel de manhattan fue estrangulada y ahogada, indico hoy el medico forense.. silvie desnudsu novio, nicolas brooks o de un famoso compositor, fue arrestado y enta cargos tentativos de homicidio y estrangulacion.. la proxima audiencia sera el 4 de enero.. la manera en que compramos las s podria cambiar en un informe publicado hoy, el ministerio de agricultura cio nuevos requisitos de etiquetado para la carne de res, las aves de corral, cerdo y cordero las nueva regulaciones del --u s d a-- requeriran que las etiquetas brinden informacion detalladas de nutricion en todas las carnes a partir del 2012 el periodico usa today, reporto que las nuevas etiquetas de las carnes incluiran informacion como las calorias, total de grasa, sodium, colesterol y vitaminas . que tal como les va, buenas noches a todos. les cuento que en estos momentos hay futbol en los angeles , asi es que vamos con las imagenes para contarles que esta pasando entre la seleccion
of a winter storm. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> welcome back. good morning, washington. i am pamela brown. >> i am greta kreuz, in for alison starling. we begin with allie oakley. a lot of different names. we go to adam caskey first, actually. a lot of people will be hitting the roads. >> it is a little early to make a definitive change in terms of snowfall. there's still a chance of snow sunday into monday. it looks like it is going to be a system that is all or nothing. hug the coast line, it could be significant accumulation. something we will monitor the next couple days. there's a wind advisory until 6:00 p.m. in the updated counties. gusts of 50 miles an hour are possible. windchill are dropping down to near 20 and upper teens this morning. near 40 degrees with sunshine today, very windy. still breezy tomorrow with highs near 40. >>> there's a truck accident on southbound i-95 in maryland, between 100 and 175. a tractor-trailer ran into the woods. traffic is getting by three lanes to the
washington along side of or ahead of thomas jefferson, james madison and even ben franklin. without patrick henry, i don't believe there would have been a revolutionary war or united states of america. i believe we would have devolved into a country like canada. thomas jefferson himself, and he was no friend of henry, thomas jefferson himself insisted if patrick henry gave the first in polls to the ball of the american revolution and those are jefferson's words, if we wish to be free we must fight. patrick henry was the first american leader who dared to utter those words. they were treasonous, enough to be drawn and quartered by the british. is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of change and slavery for almighty god i know not what course others may take, but as for me, everybody, give me liberty or give me death. most americans know the seven last words of that speech. but few know of patrick henry meant by those words and even fewer know anything else about the man himself. he was the greatest of our founding fathers after george washington. patrick henry sou
>>> welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports extra. >> welcome back. i'm dave feldman. there are three sure things in life, death, taxes and the washington redskins losing the coin toss in games that go to overtime, which they did today. they also set a franchise record by playing in their fourth overtime game in one season. here's lindsay murphy. >> reporter: ed redskins really beat the odds today playing without some of their key starters including jammal brown, brian orakpo, kareem more and ray dowdy, but in this -- moore and ray dowdy, but in this game it was all about heart, especially in overtime. >> washington chose tails. it's heads. >> reporter: the home team wins the coin toss, but that wouldn't matter today. in kevin barnes' first start as safety and first start of the season he intercepted david garrard's second pass in overtime on a 3rd and 4 from the 17. >> he played real hard to get across my face and to win this route. i'm pretty sure he was determined to get the ball. the quarterback got flushed out of the pocket a little bit and i was able to
's the most important of the founding fathers after george washington alongside of or ahead of thomas jefferson, james madison, and even ben franklin. without patrick henry, i don't believe there would have been a revolutionary war. or a united states of america. i believe we would have devolved into a country like canada. thomas jefferson himself and he was no friend of henrys, thomas jefferson himself insisted that patrick henry gave the first impulse of the ball of american revolution. those are jefferson's words. if we wish to be free, we must fight. patrick henry was the first american leader who dared utter those words. those were treasonness, enough to be hung, drawn, or quartered by the british. is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? forbid it, almighty god, i know that what course others may take. but as for me, everybody -- >> give me liberty or give me death. >> most americans know the seven last words of that speech. but few know that patrick henry really meant by those words. and even fewer know anything else about the man
of comprehensive thinking than the attempt to plan everything from washington. i do think what is really needed, but i think is happening actually is a rebirth of a kind of serious thinking about institutions, incentives, structures in the spirit actually of the federalist of many people who fought about this over the last few centuries so that one could have a well-functioning and a free and spirited and successful free society and successful self-government. i think the tea parties are on to that when they talk about the constitution. what is the constitution? it's a kind of comprehensive account of how government should work and the left makes fun of the tea party people for being simple minded about the constitution, but the notion of constitutionalism is the right kind, the restoration of constitution is the right kind of comprehensiveness to the agenda opposed to the liberal progressive welfare state of comprehensiveness. what that means is it's sequential. if you're in opposition or trying to stop something, a bad big change from happening over the nature that we had a lot of over the la
anytime at >> have a great thursday. >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a bomb plot in our backyard. thanks for joining us. i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. meteorologist adam caskey, first. >> its bitter cold. we don't have the gusty wind that we had. it will remain that way due to the high pressure. it's 20 in martinsburg. in manassas, 16. "quantico at 20. the sunshine will make you feel a little better. high temperatures in the mid 30's. northwesterly wind at 5-10. looking pretty good until monday. saturday night is when we see precipitation. looking at crane showers throughout sunday. -- rain showers. temperatures in the 40's this weekend. becoming windies monday and tuesday. . >>> we have a lot of crews doing work overnight. on the outer loop into a two- lane still had to the wilson .ridge there's construction we are giving you a normal travel times. zone at therk american legion bridge. the left lane is closed. no delays. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we begin with the the bitter cold. inre's a water ma
of a basketball coach. >> and a bittersweet goodbye after a decade on the sidelines. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this wednesday, december 29. i am pamela brown. >> i am scott thuman. alison starling has the day off. we will check with jim russ in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. it is nice to see the temperature is moving up. >> it is. we will be well into the 50's by saturday, maybe 60. the computer off and underestimates what the temperatures will do. december was a big cold spell. don't be surprised it's is a little warmer than what i show you on the forecast. temperatures are in the 30's for the most part right now. colder where there is still a snowpack. mostly sunny today, highs in the mid 40's. increasing clouds tomorrow, mid to upper 40's still. below 50's by friday. highs in the 50's on saturday. now to jim russ. >>> northbound 95 is jammed near newington. fleiss and lights down there. one single and getting by to the left on northbound 95 just
ander the changes for social networks. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. good morning, i hope you had a great weekend. let's give started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. what's ahead for the week? >> the average high temperature is 50 degrees. we will be lucky to reach 40 over the next several days. 32 at reagan national, 29 in hagerstown. when you factor in the wind, it feels like the teens. hagerstown has until of 15. mendon feels like 19. scattere -- herndon feels like 19. partly cloudy today, temperatures near 40. let's check in with lisa baden for the commute. >> the ferry will be operating today. everything looks great according to vdot. 66, 95, 395, and the troubles in maryland. looks good along 95, 4. a good run along 270 and interstate 70. metrorail first trains taliban normal service -- first trains on normal service. >>> a water main break in northwest washington happe
that washington gets -- the republicans today are whining about the bailout. in fact, the mother of all bailout, tarp, was pushed through the congress by the bush administration. i happen to i don't like the way implemented it but i think the most important vote that has been secretary of the treasury and tried to push it through congress and they held it against him. we knew it was going to be an unpopular vote. it is important sometimes to cast unpopular votes for the good of the country. today, we see that most of that program is in the process of being paid back. in the end, the price tag of that package will probably be less than 25% of what we feared it would be at the beginning. i think that for the republicans and democrats who voted for the package, i think that was an act of high statesmanship. the need of the program was evidenced by the fact that george bush, john mccain, and barack obama all supported it at the time because they recognize that we were in mortal danger of worldwide economic collapse. >> considering our time is short, let me move on to the other body. do you think th
begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> welcome back. good morning. thanks for being with us on this wednesday morning. i am pamela brown. >> i am scott thuman. alison starling has the day off. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. jim russ in a moment. first, adam caskey has good news. >> warmer temperatures. good for doing things outdoors around the yard. it will stay warm the next couple days. we will cool down a little next week, but it will moderate's to seasonable levels. it's 35 in the district. at lexington park is 29, 23 in fredericksburg. 36 in winchester. 32 in gaithersburg. mostly sunny today, high temperatures in the mid 40's with a light northwesterly wind. we don't have to deal with a wind chill today. increasing clouds to mall, still mild with highs in the mid to upper 40's with a brief sprinkle over the mountains midday tomorrow. more on the extended forecasts in a moment. now to the commute. >>> no accidents. the beltway looks good at the american legion bridge. traffic is running freely along the b
is making news in america this >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a fireball in the middle of a fairfax county neighborhood. the dramatic scene in chantilly after loma explosion. good morning, washington. glad you are joining us on this monday. i am alison starling. >> i'm scott thuman. two school delays. spot sia vang and stafford counties are both opening two hours late. -- spotsylvania and stafford. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> it is now signalling -- snowing in spotsylvania or stafford. it is 16 in gaithersburg, 26 in the district, 16 in manassas. 26 in annapolis. sunshine today, a few scattered carloads, as in the mid '30's. it will be breezy from time to time with the north wind at 10- 20. quality tomorrow, high temperatures in the midst wha - mid 30's. -- cloudy tomorrow. there is a chance of having a white christmas. more about that later. now to holly. >> there is a complication on 270, the ramp from 109. mccollough and into local -- a car ran into a pole. >>> a carbon monoxide leak on sunday afternoon and left
to feel bad for that guy. he was almost in t >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, another day of delays and cancellations. the long wait for a fight continues. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this early tuesday morning. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first let's get to meola does adam caskey. -- meteorologist adam caskey. >> there were wind gusts over 50 miles an hour or yesterday. today, 30. temperatures are cold again. 30 in lexington park, 29 in the district. at the freezing point in culpeper era and martinsburg. it feels like 20 degrees downtown. mostly sunny skies today, temperatures in the upper 30's. we could break 40 degrees especially. itre's the extended forecast, is going to be 55 degrees by saturday. chance of showers late saturday on new year's day into sunday. >>> starting at the american legion bridge. on the far right, someone is changing a tire on the american legion bridge. that should be gone soon. everything is moving nicely an
. the coach of the woodbridge high school girls basketball team, george washington, collapsed during the game, but he is recovering after receiving immediate medical care. kris van cleave is live in the newsroom with more on the woman who performed cpr on washington. >> yes, that is his real name, george washington. when he collapsed, an assistant coach and a parrot on the opposite team worked while someone went to get a defibrillator -- and a parent on the opposite team. inside brooke point high school, a race to save the life of coach george washington. >> the woodbridge coach had called a timeout, and he started to collapse. he fell to the floor. most of the people in the crowd started immediately calling 911. >> we did not know what was happening at first. >> two parents were at the game where their daughter was playing. >> i walked up and asked her if she needed relief, needed help, and she said, "yes," and i started compression. >> people looking for an ambulance. my wife, giving cpr. >> those people helping in those crucial first moments are being credited with helping to save his life
washington takeovers. most to worry elected are american dreamers, who believe that anything is still is possible for anyone who will work for it. europeans and others around the world find this to be an irrational view. yet most of american politics, and i think sam huntington is the one who wrote this, is about setting high goals and dealing with the disappointment of not meeting those goals and then trying again. this is not an unforced americanism where the government in washington tells you what to believe. it is a spontaneous patriotism of the kind that you get from reading lincoln's second inaugural address or the pledge of allegiance which george washington's men swore at valley forge or attending citizenship swearing at a federal courthouse. it is the rest of the book that we propose to discuss today. the remaining chapters argue that to realize the promise of american life, the central government in washington must play a much larger role. his book launched the progressive movement, featuring, first, president wilson and now president obama. his is a strategy of made-in- was
para seguridad de los pasajeros en washington dc jose angel aguirre univision region amanecio en medio de la primera tormenta de nieve de la temporada ..lo mas severo fue al sur de la capital, es por eso que varios sistemas escolares suspendieron sus labores y en empezaron tarde o terminaron temprano..en las carresteras como la interestatal -395 se multiplicaron los pequenos accidentes y en otros sectores se exprimentaron cortes temporales de energia electrica...a esta horas dejo de caer la nieve pero persiste el hielo por lo que las autoridades estan recomendando tener cuidado extra.. ..en el norte de virginia, como arlington la situacion por momentos fue a..maria rosa estuvo en el lugar y nos buenas noches y bienvenidos a la primera parte de los deportes y lo iniciamos con la nba. y es que devin harris registro 29 puntos y nueve asistencias mientras brook lopez agrego 18 puntos para llevar hace instantes a los nets de nueva jersey a la victoria por 97-89 sobre los wizards de washington y dejar atras ocho reveses consecutivos. la derrota fue la 13ra seguida como visitantes en e
for the surrounding area, washington, d.c., the counties you see there in blue. that winter weather advisory is in effect until 9:00 a.m. for the snow. out to the west, a winter storm warning. parts of west virginia are due to get significant snowfall, up to a foot during the course of the day today. we are looking for a current temperature of 36 degrees now in washington. 32 in gaithersburg. 32 at dulles. it is cold enough out there. fredericksburg, 34. a little warmer out to the east. your forecast for today, plenty of clouds around the first half of the day. some snow showers coming through during the next few hours. highs today only in the mid- to upper 30s. we've possibly seen our high temperatures. we'll see some of of the temperatures drop off during the course of the day and we could get some sunshine in the latter part of the day. rather breezy as well. >> thank you. >>> let's see if it is impacting the roads this morning. we'll check in with julie wright. >> the traffic volume helping us out this morning but in some areas, you will find that the road is starting to get that light d
live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. >> i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. good tuesday morning. thanks for being with us. traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with jim russ in a moment. first, adam caskey. we are taking baby steps. >> a few degrees warmer each today until new year's day when it will be in the mid 50's. mid 50's of south of the metro area. it is 23 in berkeley springs, west virginia. front royal is 25. it is still gusty. it feels like we are in the teens. mostly sunny today. gusts of 30 miles an hour or our today instead of 59 like yesterday. sunshine with high temperatures near 40. a few degrees warmer tomorrow. the warming trend continues. mid to upper 50's by saturday with a chance of a shot was on new year's day and on sunday. >>> baby steps to the beltway. that's the american legion bridge, looks good both ways. the inner loop coming toward the bottom of the screen. springfield traffic looks good. 95 each way between the beltway and frederiksberg running smoothly. 95 at the ba
, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead this half- hour, what the threat of snow fall means for holiday travel. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, thanks for being with us. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we will check in with allie in a few minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> it's not a tea ole to look ahead for christmas to see what the possibilities are. -- it's not too early. snow will be brief. travel should be ok on christmas day. temperatures will be in the mid 30's today. the clouds act as a blanket at night. 30 in gaithersburg, winchester at 30. high temperatures today in the upper 30's to near 40 degrees. sonny tomorrow, high temperatures in the mid to upper 30's, and gusty. betancourt 02 allie oakley -- let's go to allie oakley. >>> hot lane construction is still lingering on the inner and outer loops in virginia. eight silvie lanes are back open for business. -- hov lanes are back open. >>> gov schwarzenegger of california has declared a state of emergency in six counties. some places have doubled or tripled previous rainfall to
for additional support. coming up, an important announcement by the washington redskins before you if you own tickets. bill local building that can burn you. while walking past it can be dangerous. a copy stolen endicott on surveillance. tonight, we know or the animal is. >> i have the ending of the >> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. >>> state officials in maryland are working on a solution. it seems the sun is reflected off windows on this six story building, nearly built -- nearly burning anyone on the other side of the street. >> that is hot. that is too hot. that can hurt somebody. >> a spokesperson for the state says the problem comes from the design of the building by the architectural firm. crews may eventually apply not reflective coating on the windows. >>> all new at 11:00, a puppy stolen from the humane society is back where it belongs. on monday, the cameras caught three people taking a four- month-old people from the ne shelter. the dog was returned earlier to date and is being checked out by the event. -- a vet. >>> the washington redskins have a plan to -- the team announ
and train stations. suzanne kennedy is live at the bus slots in northwest washington with the story. >> just about everyone has one of those stories. if you take a look behind me, you can see that bus after buzz is leaving from downtown washington. they are absolutely packed with passengers. >> dozens stood in line in the cold today in downtown washington waiting to get a seat on the bus. people like clinton, who was supposed to go home to new york two days ago. he is still struggling to get to his final destination. >> they put me on a waiting list instead of actually getting in line and putting me on the bus. it is frustrating, seeing as how i paid money for these tickets and i cannot get back on. >> patrick's flight from chicago to newark was canceled. their earliest he could book a flight was thursday. -- patrick flight from chicago to new york was canceled. the earliest he could book a flight was thursday. >> i have to look at getting a car so i can get to work. >> but the damage has already been done. the storms ripple effect forced the cancellation of flights in the midwest, where tro
represent washington, fernando pizarro, u> las fiestas navidenas tuvieron unfinal tragico familia de inmigrantes hondurenos...maria rosa n el informe... en medio de la celebracion navideÑa....recibieron la devastadora noticia que dos sobrinos y un cuÑado habian c>" eso fue duro, fue una aparel control en una curva en la calle main en dumfries en la madrugada de navidad... su vehiculo se estrello en este edificio y termino parcialmente dentro de una barberia... a su lado, se encontraba su construccion... "imaginese ellos eran muy buenas personas, siempre los vamos a recordar, siempre van a estar en nuestros corazones" en el asiento vehiculo esta cinturon de seguridad... su cuerpo fue llado e los escombros... los cuerpos de edwin, roger y jose si desea ay membreÑo con los gastos para repatriar a sus seres queridos a puede llamar al 703-232-5801... s conductor tendran que estar pendientes de ciertos cambios que entraran en efecto a partir del año nuevo.. a partir del pro de automaticamente creaba una fecha, sin embar
and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, the life and legacy of elizabeth edwards. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, thanks for joining us. i am alison starling. >> thanks for waking up with us. i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather. steve rudin, and other cold day d day.ther col >> [no audio] >> having some microphone issues. we will get back with him. the big story is the cold weather. bitter cold temperatures have people bundling up before heading agilent today. >> causing problems on local roads. courtney robinson has more. good morning. >> good morning. that's right, you have to be bundled up today. indeed a winter coat because it's going to be a little colder than yesterday's. it was very cold yesterday. that cold weather caused a lot of issues, especially underground. when it gets to be cold outside, it causes water main breaks. we saw that all across the region. we saw that in the district where pipes broke. people look up without water. schools did not have water by the end of the day. a college in maryland cance
, local content vehicle, bringing our resources to your community. it is washington your way. the c-span network is now available in over 1 million homes -- in over 100 million homes. >> now bill kristol, kate o"b'bierne. this even from friday is held by the hudson institute. >> i would like to welcome our audience at home watching on c- span and our viewers at hudson .org. we are pleased to have hudson alexander here today. lamar alexander needs no introduction. he is a senior senator from the set of tennessee. he served as governor of tennessee, as president of the university of tennessee, as u.s. secretary of education, as a businessman, and also as a hudson institute fellow. for a few hundred votes in the new hampshire primary, he would've been the republican nominee in 1986. the senator has treated his signature red flannel shirt for the more muted suit of it u.s. senate. he is a leader who takes ideas seriously. in recent years, we have worked with him on numerous issues, including the assimilation of immigrants. he and his colleagues will tell you the same. he is one of the m
is under arrest. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this tuesday, december 7. i am greta kreuz. >> i am alison starling. good morning, everyone. thanks being with us. we start with adam caskey. it's not even 30 degrees this morning. >> very cold outside. the average low temperature is 34. we are not far from that. this afternoon we are not going to climb that much above freezing. just briefly for several hours we will be in the mid 30's and that's about it. it's 23 in cumberland, 25 in hagerstown, 30 at reagan national and culpeper. 25 in gaithersburg. when you factor in the wind, it feels like 15. it's a blustery day expected with wind gusts of 35 miles an hour. highs in the mid '30's. if tomorrow will not be quite as breezy as >>> today > eastbound 66 is slow in manassas before 50. the beltway have a the crash, but that is gone. 95 in maryland is good between washington and baltimore. clinton. into through southeast d.c. is quiet. out ofound on 270, frederick is
they believe are the remains of a human baby. the washington post reports a photographer made the discovery in the former d.c. general hospital. he contacted police. the medical examiner's of american samoa will perform an autopsy. >>> more in near misses in the skies. 's errorsic controller -- record numbers this year. >> this has been a very busy travel season at the airports. a number of people showing up ready to board flights this morning. the numbers could potentially be alarming for some of those travelers. according to a new report released by the washington post, errors reported by air-traffic controllers have seen a 51% increase nationwide. this is about planes coming too close, but not necessarily close enough to collide. the washington region has had 52 errors, th on christmas eve. a controller put planes on converging courses. the faa warns that the warning system on thousands of planes may not be keeping track of all other planes in the air space. an administrator says he is confident the agency is running safely and that fatalities involving commercial airliners are currently
, not down. plus wikileaks has shown the diplomats as the most undiplomatic. this week on "washington week." >> we begin this holiday season, there's no place that i'd rather be than be here with you. >> talk about changing the subject. president obama takes a break from a week of domestic political struggles with a quick trip to afghanistan. but there are still many loose ends, including state of the war itself, lingering fallouts from embarrassing wikileaks disclosure. >> one of my counter parts said to me, well, don't worry about it, you should see what we say about you. >> and good old fashion gridlock over taxes. >> trying to catch my breath so i don't refer to this maneuver going on today as -- as chicken crap, all right? but this is nonsense. >> the deficit. >> this is it. no more fun and games, smoking mirrors, trickery, cunning c.y.i., demagoguery and making promises we can't possibly keep and rising on employment. covering the weerks yogi treason, doyle mcmanus of the "los angeles times" and john harwood of cnbc and the new york times. >> award-winning reporting and analysis, cov
and worth of another. >> we are on storm watch tonight, and it is very cold in the immediate washington metro area. parts of western maryland are dealing with a more serious situation, a heavy snowfall. we have team your coverage with bob ryan. we begin with jay korff live with the scene in maryland. >> maureen, it is brutal out here. first i want to show you the accumulation just in the last few hours. there is a good two, three or four inches of fresh snowfall. but i think the real story, check out the temperature. it says 18 degrees on that temperature board here at this pharmacy, but i have to tell you when that wind whips, it is way colder. >> i hate this weather. i am done with it. spring come on. >> there is a small town in western maryland that lived up to its name sake monday night. >> it is crazy, and i can't believe i am out in it right now. >> the region's first full-fleminged winter storm is expected to drop 8-16 inches of snow from frostberg overnight. it is creating miserable conditions for everyone out. >> fish tailing up the road. >> the wind's bite is making 18 degrees
for the white house and a fractured democratic party, is it the end of washington gridlock or beginning of a new round? we assess a not-so lame duck congressional session tonight on "washington week." >> 2/3 of the senate present having voted in the affirmative, the resolution towards ratification is agreed to. >> a new start treaty. >> it can can blow any attacker to kingdom come. >> it sends a signal that republicans and democrats stand together on behalf of our security. gwen: repeal of don't ask, don't tell. >> no longer will tens of thousands of americans be asked to live a lie or look over their shoulder in order to serve the country that they love. gwen: and even health kay for 9/11 responders. >> this is the day we have all been working towards and waiting for. our christmas miracle has arrived. gwen: president obama very, very good week. successful lame duck session. >> one thing i hope people have seen during this lame duck, i am persistent. i am persistent. if i believe in something strongly, i stay on. gwen: how did the man pull it off? look at the week's frustration, achievements, p
schools opening two hours late. we should mention all federal agencies in the washington region will open on time this morning. >> all reported closings and delays running on the bottom of your screen. you can also find a list on >>> and we're taking a live look outside. we have 25 degrees out there this morning. and looks like we still have some clouds above us. i don't know. if s that right, tom? i did see the moon when i was driving in. >> it's now set. it will be up again tonight and well be able to see it again. this morning it is frozen solid. any untreateded surface is an ice rink. 20 degrees. farther east-southeast, low 20s to mid-20s near the bay. away from the waters on the eastern shore, low 20s there. it's below freezing throughout most of the region. western maryland, west virginia, the mountains there, they are into the upper teens and low 20s. a little disturbance across the ohio valley zing just to our north. southern end, slight snow into western maryland. shenandoah valley, a few clurz into the panhandle of west virginia. increasing sunshine. we should
. and the death of a diplomat. tonight on "washington week." >> on this vote, the yeas are 277, the nays are 148. the motion is adopted. >> if we're serious about giving the economy movement again, we have to end all the uncertainty coming out of washington. gwen: republicans claim victory in the house, and democrats claim victory at the white house. >> i'm going to sign this bill to make sure that people are seeing a bigger paycheck come january. gwen: while senate republicans force democrats to slice billions of dollars in projects from both parties out of a budget bill. >> the american people said, enough with the spending. enough with the pork barrel earmark spending. >> but much remains to be completed. >> i don't think that's really what the american people want. we are in session. if necessary, up to january 5. gwen: even as the courts threaten to undercut the president's signature health care law. >> you have to stay within the boundaries of the constitution. gwen: plus, the war efforts in afghanistan. >> there will continue to be obstacles and setbacks, but our partnership is slowly but
mystery is connected to our area. >> how long will the bitter cold last? good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good friday morning. we made it. i'm greta kreuz. >> i am alison starling. let's begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> there's a little relief later today. you will notice as you walk are out the door, not quite as windy. we will not see the wind chill factors from earlier in the week. 29 degrees at reagan national. 19 degrees in gaithersburg. 21 in martinsburg. 25 in culpeper. there's rain to the north and west of us. snowing in western maryland, not going to impact the immediate metro area. we will look for mostly cloudy skies today. 39-44 degrees today. that will feel pretty nice. that is well below average for this time of year. we will take a look at the forecast for the weekend, coming up. there's rain on the leg. the way. >>> the beltway is running nicely. no troubles on 95. looks good from southern maryland. 228 and 200 and as well. 66 looks fine except for westbound at g
. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. welcome back. i am pamela brown. >> i'm scott thuman. alison starling as the day off. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, adam caskey is stocking'' no -- is talking snow. >> a nice coating expected this midday. clouds are increasing. areas of snow are shown in bright white stretching from indiana into illinois and north carolina and south western virginia. what you see all left in green is rain. once the rain moves are way, it will turn into snow. the winter weather advisory starts at 10:00 a.m. for the medical area and will last until 9:00 p.m. high temperatures in the upper 20's. one or two inches locally. higher amounts order south of the >>> there's an accident on vehicle near five, branch avenue on the right. we are looking of the beltway at the american legion bridge. the roads are clear and dry. no major issues other than the crashed near route 5. 95 south and 198, overnight construction is being cleared away
for thousands of people stranded in airports across the country, including here in washington d.c.. horace holmes is live with some of the holiday horror stories. >> we heard our share of horror stories tonight. passengers desperately trying to get home only to be snubbed by mother nature. >> passenger after passenger we ran into tonight have the same frustrated look on their face. >> ire recently had a flight at 10:00 a.m.. >> delays, cancellations, stranded passengers. >> we were trying to get on the 9:00 a.m. this morning and it was full because all the flights got canceled yesterday. it shifted everything to today. then we have one at two 30 p.m.. -- at 2:30 p.m.. we caught up with christian bryant at reagan national who is trying to dodge has been trying to get to new york for the past couple of days. my 11:00 a.m. flight got pushed back to 2:00 p.m.. bennett got pushed back to 5:00 p.m.. and i got over here . this couple was trying to get to their death for the holidays. -- to their data for the holidays for the -- to their debt for the holidays. -- dad for the holidays. cuestas was
year veteran drove himself to washington hospital center, despite gunshot wounds. fire officials placed the firefighter on leave act in march due to allegations of wrongdoing. it is unclear if those claims are connected to the shooting. >>> at st. mary's county man is accused of opening fire on a cart. police say gregory arnold got angry after an accident. he is accused of firing shots at five adults and an infant as they tried to drive away. one person was hurt. officers say he is a convicted felon and is barred from owning assault weapons. >>> high winds are blamed for a power outage that left more than 1600 people without electricity today. a breaker tripped at a substation in northwest washington. most of the houses were back online by 1:00 p.m. >>> one more shopping days until christmas. we found at stores filled with last-minute shoppers this afternoon. in washington, one woman told us she had been two four target stores looking for one special toy. in all town alexandria, the lunch hour was filled with shoppers looking for bargains. some encouraging news about shopping habits. th
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that across the area. they say lots of washington etonians -- they sell lots of washingtonians are ready to celebrate the new year. today across from the white house, the staff was busy creating the final touches for the new year's eve celebration. that means lots of fine french food and of course this. >> the key ingredient if you need champagne and baubles. >> at dupont circle, they were getting ready for parties large and small. some will be entertaining at home this year to save money and avoid the crowds. >> it is less expensive and you get to be comfortable and hang out with your friends, compared with awkward situations and a tight dress. >> here at the hotel, the final preparations. the screen is set on a rooftop, with plenty to eat and drink. with tickets sold out, this downtown hot spot has special touches planned. >> we were excited that sold out fairly early. we usually do not get most of the bookings for new year's eve until after christmas. but our packages started selling out well in advance of christmas. >> we saw lots of celebrations today. one couple came to washington
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